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Properties:Satsuma has grown as a mutation of tangerine. It originates from the Satsuma province of Kiushiu island in Japan. It is grown on chunky trees just like tangerine. It is of middle height, flat, bright and it has orange-red color. Sometimes there are greenish yellow spots on its peel. There is a lot of volatile oil on its peel and this oil emanates a beautiful scent. Orange flesh of the fruit is tender, watery and a little acidic. The fruit is of middle size. It is indeed bright red and generally has greenish glitter. Its peel looks like its very own skin and it can easily be detached from its flesh of the fruit. The flesh of the fruit does not usually have a lot of seeds. It either has no seed or just a few one. It is sweet and more acidic compared to Klemantin type. The most important Satsuma growers for Europe is notably Turkey which is followed by Spain. Satsuma fructifies relatively early. Because of this, they open the European season of citrus products which can be peeled off easily at the beginning of November.

Period:Between October-December
Packaging:Depends on the demand
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