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Under the supervision of Cengiz Balık (GF Cena), an officially approved plant protection agent supplier (Agriculturist Osman Metin) is appointed, whose job is to perform GLOBAL G.A.P. The agriculturist keeps two different logs. The first is the logs intended for official audits, and the second is the logs intended for the audit of producers (Cena).

The producers are contractually bound to us to keep our quality standards.

Our four agriculturists will inspect the fields every day and make an effort to meet the requirements. We are planning to start with 10 gatherer teams (each team = the group will gather eleven to twelve ton a day). Our program will take seventy-five days.

Each day, a maximum of three fields from three different producers will be harvested and packages will be marked. The next step will take place at the entrance of packaging facility. Here, the producer name and weight of the packages will be recorded. Our quality control manager will meet each truck that comes. He will conduct the quality check and write down the result. Consequently, the responsibility goes to production manager. He has a total of 12 production lines under service and he will assign them to three producers. Therefore, each producer has four production lines at their disposal.

The codes of the separate producers will be glued on packages as labels; and these packages will arrive separately at pre-cooling chambers where producer names are written.

Through our cameras which are located in production facility, you will be able to monitor all these steps over the internet.


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