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We guarantee you 100 % traceability. For example, we offer code numbers which start from the fields and continue until packaging. Related date can be accessed from the internet, therefore this means 100 % transparency. This way, Cena brings the highest level of security, not only to themselves, but to all partners, from producers to customers.

Even our grape consumers can monitor what is happening in the packaging facility from their computers.

Besides the implementation of GLOBALG.A.P., our operations are based on our experience that we obtained from our co-operation with SGS in 2007 as well as the guidelines of ECB, for example the compliance with “70% rule”.

Starting from the selection, procurement and mixing of plant protection agents, to determining the ideal harvest date, holding the parties involved at harvesting and marketing process separately and employing quality staff demonstrates the seriousness of our efforts.

New implementations also include the intensive co-operation with Turkish institutions and voluntary controls of these institutions.

The boundaries of personal responsibility from production to sales, as well as serious penalties for failure to respect internal procedures are clearly defined.


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