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Inspection Ring and Food Product Counseling Limited company located in Munich (Untersuchungsring und Lebensmittelberatung Bayern GmbH)

In terms of corporate diligence that must be exercised in accordance with Food and Consumer Goods Act (LMBG) and other statutory provisions at national / international level (for example, EU regulations on food), CENA Group is an ULB partner.

CENA Group is trained, educated and counseled by ULB in areas of all relevant requirements for food law and its implementation. This includes the areas of food hygiene laws, pest control, EU marketing standards for fruit and vegetables and quality systems such as International Food Standard IFS. Also, ULB provides support in all areas of genetic engineering.

Through regular checks of food, especially fruits and vegetables in laboratories, CENA Group and ULB guarantee the quality assurance in accordance with Food and Consumer Goods Act; and it can assist you thanks to its extensive experience in all areas that dates back for years.

With a database of several thousand studies on agricultural chemicals, ULB is a competent advisor on food safety. In addition, ULB provides extensive information about the current limits in the application of agricultural chemicals under the Regulation on Maximum Residue Limits (RhmV).


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